At Guy Tabacco Construction, safety is a high priority. We believe with proper training and planning, accidents can be prevented. At the start of each work week, and the start of each major phase of work we have safety meetings. We continually educate our employees about safety and operate with up-to-date tools and equipment. Payne Insurance and State Workers Comp Field team’s conduct a site visit of every project we do, giving us an extra eye for safety. We are also enrolled in ISN Safety Services, and DISA, which we have an “A” rating with both companies to date.
  • Guy Tabacco Construction’s Worker’s Compensation Mod Factor is 0.73. Our mod factor indicates our commitment to safety.
  • Past Safety Record 2009      Three (3) minor injuries2010      Three (3) minor injuries

    2011      No recordable injuries

    2012      No recordable injuries

    2013      No recordable injuries

    2014      Need new info. here

    2015      Projected achievement of Zero (0) recordable injuries

 (We have 100% buy in from the Guy Tabacco Construction team that we can achieve this as our 2014 record)
We believe a safe job site is a productive job site and we stress that to all our subcontractors and employees. Safety starts at the top and is filtered down to every employee – we stress that each and every employee needs to be responsible for safety.